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water and fire damage restoration

Water and Fire Damage Restoration in Kent

Be it a fire incident or a defect in the water management system both can turn the scenario of your property upside down. You may get the situation under control for a while but that's not a permanent solution. To get back the lost integrity of your home and peace of your mind an immediate restoration from any professional service provider is necessary.

If you are facing any such kind of problem, don't worry. The New England Restoration team can help you with professional water damage and fire damage restoration services. You can get our support in your city Kent with just a phone call.


Why Immediate Professional Restoration Is Necessary?

There's always an option for a DIY method to regain the pre-damage condition. However, that doesn't give you the guarantee of being effective and successful. When it comes to restoration, a thorough inspection is required to determine the damage level and set a plan for the settlement. For a homeowner, we can't expect that to be 100% successful as they don't have the expertise and equipment.

Furthermore, post-water intrusion and fire accident conditions can severely damage the structure and indoor atmosphere, which can be overwhelming. In such cases, it’s unwise to risk unnecessary hassle and more costly repairs by taking any wrong steps. A well-equipped restoration team can help you avoid this and ensure a proper, efficient restoration process.

Our Water Damage Restoration Services

preserve your property with fast water damage restoration and repair

At New England Restoration, we have years of hands-on experience in the restoration industry. We have the expertise to handle any water damage issue effectively. Our wide range of water damage restoration covers the following issues:

We are knowledgeable about these services and efficient enough to ensure thorough restoration. We have the expertise to prevent further damage to the structure and the home appliances like carpets, furniture, etc. We also eliminate bad odors and stop the infestation of mold other microorganisms and pests with our prompt cleanup and drying. This approach keeps the indoor environment healthy and safe.

Fire Damage Services We Provide in Kent

smoke ccan leave behind far reaching effects

Our fire damage restoration service also provides several benefits. It drives away the fire residue from every corner of the fire-affected areas. This is how the indoor air not only gets purified from the harmful soot and smoke but also the electrical instrument surfaces become safe from corrosion, electrical fire, and other damages. By keeping the structural strength it also retains the value of the property.

Our major fire damage services are:

To cover the restoration cost, insurance works as a great support. But, it's not an easy process to get the money from the insurance company. We also help our customers with insurance claims. So, you don't have to worry about the documentation, dealing with insurance company representatives, and other hassles regarding that.

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Why Choose New England Restoration?

New England Restoration has a long history of being a service provider in the industry. Since 1986 the company has served thousands of customers both for residential and commercial premises. Our reputation for exceptional workmanship is well-known across different places in Connecticut. Besides 24/7 disaster restoration services, you can also get emergency services from us. We are also available in Sherman, Sharon, West Cornwall, and other service areas to solve your problems.

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Signs that You Need Restoration Services

Don't ignore the signs if you notice the below indications and contact New England Restoration for prompt water damage restoration:

how black mold form
  • Higher utility bills
  • Presence of mold
  • Discolored floor, wall, or ceiling
  • Water stains on structural surfaces
  • Peeling wallpaper or posters

Go for the fire damage restoration after encountering the following signs:

  • Lingering pervasive odor
  • Discoloration in the affected area (yellowish color)
  • The layer of soot on different surfaces
  • Allergic reactions, breathing problems, smell of smoke

Our Other Services

Apart from water damage and fire damage restoration, we also provide storm damage restoration and mold remediation services. Whether your property encounters hail damage or wind damage, we have got you covered. Moreover, we can assist you with black mold removal, mold decontamination, mold testing, and HVAC mold. Our technicians also offer disinfection and commercial restoration services.

Contact Us Today for Expert Water and Fire Damage Restoration

There is no way to ignore the post-erosion situation. Rather, the sooner one can get rid of it and forget about it, the better it is to return to their normal life.

You can find the flame of the fire might seem more scary than the water puddle. But, in the end, both are troublesome for you. So, if you don't want to compromise your peace of mind or let your property get more damage, don't delay and call us for a quick restoration. You can call us anytime you want.

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