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Disaster Restoration in Newtown, Southbury & Brookfield

Not every situation is manageable by a single person's effort or even by the full family members. Even if the people from the neighborhood come to help, it may not be enough to be fixed. We can define such a situation as a disaster. That not only interrupts normal life but also causes severe damage that puts one's life in more distress.

If you are standing in such a situation, know that New England Restoration's professionals are well-prepared to bring back the peace of your life with disaster restoration. We understand the urgency and complexity of disaster situations. Our experts are trained to respond quickly and work effectively to mitigate further damage. To set an appointment with our team dial 844-570-0405 or fill up the service request online.

Why Is Immediate Restoration Necessary?

The main objective of restoration is to bring back the pre-conditions of an affected place. But, that's not all you get from the task. The overall situation afterward will depend on it. A successful restoration will provide the positive outcomes below.

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Prevention of further damage: Timely and proper restoration halts the damaging process that may cause harm to the property. That decreases the risk of structural accidents. Thus, the residents or the people inside the premises remain safe.

Preservation of hygiene and health safety: After any structural damage a possibility is there that different microorganisms like mold and other pests will grow. Along with that dampness, residue particles can degrade the air quality. All these can become the reason for serious health issues. All of them can be avoided by restoration.

Minimization in cost: Restoration in time reduces the repair cost that could be required if there's any delay.

Peace of mind: The least possibility is there that the property owner would face any adverse situation after the restoration in the near future. That ensures peace of mind.

Insurance benefits: In some cases, restoration works as an advantage in claiming insurance. Some companies also help their customers with this matter by contacting the insurance company, doing the paperwork, etc.

Value of the property: Disaster restoration retains and in some cases upgrades the value of the property. If you want to sell your property, it can get you a better selling price.

Damages We Cover

Water damage: Whether by a water pipe break, roof leak, or appliance leak, our service team will remove the excess water from the affected places. That will ensure freshness, hygiene, comfort, and most importantly safety through the restoration of water damage.

Collage of water, fire and storm damage restoration

Fire damage: After a fire incident smoke & soot, duct system smoke create inconveniences like smoky odor, allergic reactions, and breathing problems along with defects in the electrical instruments and other home appliances. We work for that also.

Storm damage: Wind damage or hail damage can harm different structural parts including roof, window, sidings, etc. We also take care of that. It prevents water infiltration and secures the indoor structural parts besides restoring the look of the property.

Mold remediation: Mold remdiation involves driving away the microorganisms. That preserves the indoor air quality and removes disturbing shades from the wall, ceiling, and, other parts. In some cases, the molds can become the reason for serious health complications like lung cancer. Mold remediation helps avoid that.

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Our Disaster Restoration Services

The major disaster restoration services we provide in Bridgewater, New Milford, Roxbury, and other service areas are:

  • Disaster cleanup: After a disaster be it a natural event or not, the affected area may crop up sudden or unexpected hazards if not taken care of. It can be floodwater, electric cable, debris caused by damaged structural parts, etc. Disaster cleanup secures the area by removal, cleanup, and extractions.
  • Disaster restoration plan: For an effective, sustainable restoration proper planning has no alternative. We also do that.
  • Electronic decontamination: Electronic equipment sometimes becomes potentially harmful to the health of the residents after any event of damage. Electric decontamination eliminates that risk by removing bacteria, mold, viruses, and other injurious elements from those devices' surfaces.
  • Board-up services: Boards make temporary guards around the affected area. It ensures the area's safety from weather and vandalism until the restoration is fully done.
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Why Can You Rely on New England Restoration?

  • Serving in the industry since 1986
  • Insurance claim assistance
  • Residential & commercial services
  • Reputation for exceptional workmanship
  • IICRC-certified
  • Affordable services

Call Us Today for Professional Disaster Restoration

Not every adverse situation can be reversible. But, responding to the issue timely and taking help from the right place can help you get rid of most of the defects caused by disastrous events. If you are going through any such situation, don't hesitate to take help from us. We have our restoration team well-equipped to bring back the lost integrity of your property. Feel free to call us at 844-570-0405 or reach us online.

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Monroe, CT

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Positive experience from start to finish. Honest and fair proposal and quality workmanships throughout the project. Highly recommended for your restoration project!!!!

Newtown, CT

Posted on Google

Not only did they show up at 11pm when my husband was away but they also continued that level of customer service throughout. It was so nice to have their expertise from mold and restoration to insurance to repair!

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