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Water Damage Classification in Newtown & Southbury, CT

The sooner the restoration is done against water damage, the better it is for the safety of the property. Needless to say, it has to be done by a professional team, as homeowners lack the necessary skills and equipment to complete the process. That's why professional assistance is required to achieve successful and sustainable results.

New England Restoration is always well-prepared to secure your property from the damage caused by excess water. We assess the damaged area before starting the restoration to classify the water and determine the extent of damage. Then, based on the classification, we design our restoration process. Call us today for expert water damage restoration assistance in Connecticut.

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Importance of Water Damage Classification

For water damage restoration, knowing the level of damage caused by the water intrusion is important. It's necessary to determine the restoration process to restore the integrity of the affected area. Water damage classification eventually helps to obtain the benefits of restoration which are:

  • Hygiene and health safety
  • Prevention of further damage
  • Peace of mind
  • Preservation of the property value

This is how classification contributes to a successful water damage restoration.

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Classes of Water Damage

There are 4 classes of water damage, each indicating a distinct level of damage. These are:

Class 1: It's the presence of water at the minimum level that requires minor restoration to bring back the pre-condition of the affected materials or areas that are mostly non-porous.

Class 2: In this case, a significant amount of water is absorbed by the affected surfaces. To get rid of this damage condition, comprehensive water extraction is required.

Class 3: It indicates severe conditions where walls, subfloor, ceilings, etc. become moistened by the water where a specialized extraction technique is necessary.

Class 4: When the excessive presence of water compromises the structural strength of a property, that's class 4. In this situation, it takes time for the drying process to bring back the integrity of different saturated parts such as hardwood, stone, bricks, etc.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Our comprehensive water damage restoration process includes the following: 

Inspection: First, we conduct an inspection to assess the damage caused by water and classify the water.

Estimating: Then, we conduct an estimation to determine the need for manpower, materials, and the overall cost of restoration.

Categorization: Afterward, we categorize the water to identify whether the intruded water is clean, grey water, or black water.

Water extraction: Then, we thoroughly extract the standing water from the property. 

Structure drying: After removing water, we dry the area to prevent mold growth.

Content drying: We also conduct content drying to prevent further damage.

Reconstruction: Lastly we bring back your water-damaged property to its pre-condition.

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New England Restoration is a popular name across Connecticut both for residential and commercial restoration. After more than 3 decades of professional experience, we have established a reputation among our customers for exceptional workmanship. We have a well-trained team to conduct each restoration project with uncompromised service quality. Besides 24/7 disaster restoration, we also can help you with insurance claim assistance.

Our Wide Range of Water Damage Restoration Services

We cover almost all major water damage restoration services. The list includes:

With a single phone call, you can contact our services team in Stamford, Danbury, Bridgeport, New Haven, and other service areas and set an appointment for hassle-free and quick services.

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A restoration can't be successful if any of its steps are not properly followed. You can trust New England Restoration for each restoration process to regain the value of your home or business place. So, what you are waiting for? To take our service at your convenience, dial 844-570-0405 or fill up the service request form online.

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