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Garage Water Damage Restoration in Newtown & Brookfield, CT

Garage water damage isn’t an everyday experience, but it can and will happen. Storms, floods, leaks from garage appliances, breaks in plumbing, damage from leaks related to the roof, issues leftover from previous water damage, and fire-suppression water damage are all in the category of potential causes.

New England Restoration is ready with professional assistance when garage water damage can no longer wait. Resolve garage water damage before it ruins your tools, surfaces, belongings, etc. We have been offering professional and competent water damage repair services in Newtown and Brookfield, Connecticut, since 1986. You can rely on us for emergency water damage repair in your garage, day or night.

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Garage Water Damage Signs

Here are some indicators to look for in a water-damaged garage:

  • Dampness and musty odor
  • Visible water stains
  • Degradation of the concrete's surface that makes the gravel apparent
  • Large fractures in the surface
  • Openings in the walls between the concrete floor

What Kind of Damage Can Water Do to Your Garage?

Water may cause serious structural problems in your garage that compromise its safety. Your property may also be damaged, necessitating expensive repairs or replacements. Furthermore, water fosters the formation of mold, which damages surfaces and lowers the quality of the air in the garage, endangering your family's health. To stop these issues from getting worse, it's imperative to seek professional assistance near you. And in this regard, New England Restoration is available at your crucial time.

Our Comprehensive Restoration Process for Water-Damaged Garage

At New England Restoration, we understand how important it is to remediate water damage as soon as possible. To return your garage to its pre-damage state, our skilled crew uses the following methodical process:

  1. Assessment
  2. Water Extraction
  3. Removal and Disposal
  4. Drying
  5. Disinfect and Deodorize
  6. Reconstruction
  7. Mold Remediation
  8. Documentation and Insurance Assistance

Why Choose New England Restoration?

  • IICRC-certified professionals
  • Over 30 years of expertise
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Insurance claim assistance
  • Restoration services for both commercial and residential

Allow Us to Bring Back the Glare to Your Garage!

As soon as you become aware of water damage in your garage, you should take immediate action to stop the situation from getting worse. In this regard, reach out to the IICRC-certified professionals at New England Restoration. We have been serving Newtown, Brookfield, Bridgewater, Kent, Madison County, and many other areas around you since 1986.

Other than garage water damage restoration, we also provide fire, storm, mold damage restoration, and insurance claim assistance. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To get your desired service, call us or schedule an appointment.

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