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Smoke Damaged Drywall Restoration in Newtown, Southbury, Brookfield, and Danbury CT

If your property is affected by fire, it can result in various types of damage. One of the most common issues that fires cause is smoke-damaged drywall. If you have experienced any fire damage, do not worry about it because New England Restoration is here for you. We understand the stress and devastation that fire can bring.

Fire damage restoration services from New England Restoration are the best choice for your property, we assist you in restoring smoke-damaged drywall to its original condition. Call us today at 844-570-0405 for emergency fire damage services or click here for more information. You can also contact us if you reside in Ansonia, Bantam,Beacon Falls,Bethany, and surrounding areas.

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Does Drywall Need to Be Replaced After Smoke Damage?

While the fire didn’t directly damage the drywall, smoke and soot can cause staining and lingering odors.In some cases, thorough cleaning and sealing may be sufficient, but in severe cases, replacement might be the best option. If the Drywall is exposed to smoke and fire, replacement should be considered.

Repairing drywall after smoke damage.

DIY or professional help?

The DIY process might seem easy and cost-effective for you. If you think that you have the experience, we appreciate your willingness to tackle it. But there is no guarantee that the work will be flexible or long-lasting.

On the contrary, seeking professional help ensures workable solutions with guaranteed results. We can assist you with insurance claims and effectively address and fix your problem.

Smoke stain on white drywall.

Steps Can Take During Smoke-Damaged Drywall

  • Avoid Water-Based Cleaners for Soot on Plaster: Never use water-based cleaners to remove soot from plaster, as they may exacerbate the damage.
  • Ensure Adequate Ventilation: Keep the window open to facilitate proper ventilation and improve air circulation.
  • Utilize a Fan for Enhanced Ventilation: Use a fan to ensure effective ventilation, aiding in the dissipation of airborne particles and odors.
  • Prioritize Safety with Protective Gear: Wear appropriate protective gear, including a mask, gloves, and other safety equipment, to safeguard against potential health hazards.

Save your Walls with Us

Science 1986, New England Restoration has been a trusted provider of top-notch restoration services.For over 30 years,we have been providing all disaster restoration needs such as water damage, fire damage, flood damage, and storm damage in Fairfield, New Haven, and Litchfield Countries. Call us today at 844-570-0405 for 24/7 emergency services or click here to reach us.

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Newtown, CT

Flooded Pub Room from above due to leaking valve onto reclaimed barn wood flooring. We wanted to save this flooring so we immediately implemented our sealed floor drying system to extract moisture using air to save the wood.

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