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Mold Testing

Mold Testing: Free Environmental Inspection in Newtown, Southbury, Brookfield & Danbury CT

Environmental Inspection in Newtown, Southbury, Brookfield & Danbury

Mold has been identified as a significant contributor to the rise in asthma and other respiratory problems in recent years, and landlords are redoubling their efforts to ensure their tenants are not suffering as a result of these unhealthy living conditions. The mold problem's causes must be detected and fixed, or the mold will return very soon. When removing mold from a residential or commercial building, necessary precautions should be taken.

We, New England Restoration LLC, are among the nation's leading experts in the diagnosis of the causes of damp and condensation, which can lead to mold, integrating a complete diagnostic process with a strategy for restorative action, as well as a method to remove the mold issue.

In Ansonia, Branford, Colebrook, Danbury, Guilford, Kent, Milford, Oxford and nearby areas, you can rely on New England Restoration LLC’s 24-hour emergency service. Call us today at 844-580-0206 to know about mold testing at your property with free estimates!

Inspect a Mold Test in Newtown, Southbury, Brookfield & Danbury CT

Why Inspect a Mold Test in Newtown, Southbury, Brookfield & Danbury CT?

A mold test and inspection is the easiest way to find out whether you have mold in your home or company. This method of tests can involve a visual inspection as well as air sampling to assess atmospheric mold spore levels and air quality. A mold examination and inspection will also reveal:

  • If mold is evident on your house,
  • How much mold do you have? Where is the mold?
  • The type of mold that occurs on your property
  • The mold infestation's sources
  • The kind of mold that is growing
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Why Choose Us for Mold Testing in Newtown, Southbury, Brookfield & Danbury CT?

Often hire a mold testing company who has the required experience, qualification, and skills. The IICRC has qualified and accredited Certified Indoor Environmental, so you can be certain that they have the professional skills to conduct a rigorous inspection.

Our mold inspection methods for homes and businesses are extensive. We analyze the air within your home to determine the presence and concentration of mold spores. The aim of air sampling is to achieve an indicator of indoor air quality and to assess whether or not the amount of spores in the air is harmful.

To assess the type and form of infestation, our surface monitoring collects mold samples from the surfaces of construction materials and personal belongings in the home or company where mold is visible. Swab samples can help determine the form of mold, which can be useful if one or more individuals are having an increase in asthma symptoms or other health complications.

  • Is there a musty odor in the property?
  • What is the relative humidity level?
  • Is the property encountered water loss or leakage as a result of pipe bursts or drainage problems, HVAC, roof damage, or an overflowing sump pump?
  • How well does water discharge from the property's exterior? Is the water flowing away from or toward the property? Is the yard or other land angled toward or away from the house or professional building?
  • Is the house's foundation broken and/or showing signs of water entry or damage?
  • Is the base covered by organic waste that traps moisture?

New England Restoration also provides restoration services for water damage, fire damage, storm damage, mold remediation and other unexpected disasters for homes and commercial properties. When you need our services, simply give us a call at 844-580-0206 or contact us online for more information.

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