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Water Extraction in Newtown & Southbury, CT

As long as the water stays in the property the chance of structural damage remains. Even if the scenario doesn't go that far, other troubles can crop up from that. These include the growth and spreading of molds and other pests, bad odor, appliance damage, health issues, etc. That's why, water extraction will be always one of the main parts of the restoration process.

New England Restoration offers its customers first-class water damage restoration with other services. To restore the lost integrity of your home call our service team at 844-570-0405 and set an appointment. To contact us online fill up the service request form.

Why Water Extraction Is Important?

It can be an appliance leak, or roof leak, or even flood damage. No matter how the water gets into your home, different structural parts, or accumulates as a puddle on the floor, it has to be eliminated at once. As long as the excess moisture stays in, the chances of further damage remain there. It will create dampness in the indoor place along with mold and other pest infestation. With bad odor different health issues like allergic reactions, and breathing problems are the obvious consequences of that.

Water extraction prevents all of them. It also propels the drying process and makes the restoration effective and quick. After that, you can expect a successful restoration process.

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The IICRC-certified company is a famous name among the householders in Connecticut. It's been already almost 4 decades since 1986 of the service provider became a part of the industry. By that time we have served thousands of customers for the structural integrity of their properties. The sincerity and uncompromised service quality helped make us successful in achieving the reputation of exceptional workmanship. Be it residential or commercial our expert support is available 24 hours a day throughout the year. We have professional expertise and the necessary equipment to fix almost all water damage that can occur in a structure. With a single phone call our affordable services are obtainable in Stamford, Bridgeport, DanburyNew Haven, and other service areas.


Other Steps of the Water Damage Restoration Process

We efficiently cover other main restoration process steps for a successful restoration. Those are:

Damage inspection: This very first step involves finding out the damaged parts. A good and quick inspection helps swift and effective restoration that ultimately protects the structure and the people who reside there.

Classification: There are 4 classes regarding that and different classes indicate the different amounts of water intrusion. After inspection, the experts determine how much moisture is standing in the respective areas. This information is also crucial.

Categorization: Categorization is conducted based on three conditions of the existing water in the affected area. The names of the categories are clean water, (Category 1), grey water(Category 2), and black water(Category 3). These three types of water are ascendingly more harmful than one another. The third one is the most dangerous as it contains sewage, unsanitary agents, bacteria, etc. White water has no health risks but it's still bad for the building. Grey water is also risky but less harmful than black water.

Estimating: After all the assessments and determination of the damage level estimation of the cost for the restoration is conducted. It tells that how much money would be needed to regain the freshness and robustness of the property. It's the earlier step of water extraction.

The rest of the steps are structure drying, content drying, and reconstruction. These are carried out to remove excess water from the affected parts and also get back the pre-damage condition.

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If you are standing before water damage, naturally there won't be other thought except for the restoration. Don't hesitate to take any help from New England Restoration as we are well-prepared to take care of the matters for you. To get our restoration team at your doorstep dial 844-570-0405 or reach us online.

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