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Water Damage Categorization in Newtown & Southbury, CT

No matter how the water damage occurs in a property, one has to call an expert for restoration immediately. Each moment's delay will increase the damage to the affected area which can result in an expensive repair. It can even result in replacement when the damage becomes irreparable. In both cases, the house owner should contact an expert for help.

New England Restoration is your trusted partner for restoration. Our experienced team are well-knowledged about the restoration process. To know about one of the steps of, categorization, or take our first-class services call us today at 844-570-0405. For contacting online fill up the service request form.

Importance of Water Damage Categorization

What's common about every water damage is the presence of excess water on or around the affected places. Besides the presence of the amount of water, knowing about the source of the water is also important. Categorization does that. It indicates the damage caused by the water and what should be the necessary steps to bring back the lost integrity of the place. In some cases, it's associated with the safety concern. Timely categorization and immediate response to that can help avoid further damage followed by costly repair or replacement costs and hassles. Categorization may also help determine the coverage by the insurance.

Categories of Water Damage

There are 3  categories of water damage.

Clean water or Category 1: In this category, the situation is considered less critical than the other two. The lower contamination level of water makes water removal the first priority. However, standing water is never good for the structure. As long as it stays in the structural parts, there's a chance of mold growth. Delaying treating it can take the condition to category 2.

Gray water of Category 2: This category of water damage occurs due to broken sump pumps, and other similar reasons. Naturally, the possibility is higher that people can become ill if come in contact. Because, unlike clean water gray water contains bacteria and other pollutants.

Black water or Category 3: Black water means that the water contains toxic and harmful elements. It is the most dangerous situation among the three water damage categories. This type of water damage takes place as a result of sewage issues. Without professional restoration and cleanup, the situation can cause serious health hazards.

Other Steps of Restoration Processes We Cover

Damage inspection: For effective restoration, inspection is the first and among the crucial steps. It pinpoints the defective place where the water has made its way through to cause damage to the structure or the internal parts.

Classification: There are 4 classes of water damage and each one indicates a different level. From class 1 to 4 the saturation of the water of the affected places increases. Class 1 causes less effect while class 4 requires more time for dry up.

Estimation: It involves assessing the cost of the restoration after the water damage. It's helpful for insurance claims and restoration budgeting.

Water extraction: The process of removing extra water from the property is water extraction. Besides the prevention of secondary damage, it makes the drying process easier and quicker.

Structure drying: Structural drying eliminates the moisture from wet things by water damage. Through this drying process, the affected materials can be saved from ruin. It also prevents mold growth.

Content drying: Content drying secures home appliances and other possessions in the home such as furniture, electrical instruments, carpets, etc. by removing moisture from them.

Reconstruction: It's the last step of water damage restoration to bring back the condition of the structural part to the pre-damage state.

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Water damage restoration not only brings back the lost integrity of your property but also plays a vital role in helping you lead a peaceful and comfortable life with safety. But, if there's any flow in any of the steps of the restoration process, you may not get the expected result. Or, there can be still a chance of further damage. You can rely on New England Restoration for quick and sustainable services. Feel free to call us at 844-570-0405 or reach us online.

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