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Mold Season

When is Mold Season Newtown, Southbury, Brookfield & Danbury CT?

Mold Season Newtown, Southbury, Brookfield & Danbury CT

Mold season lasts from early spring to late fall, with a high from late July to late August. Winter, on the other hand, would not spare you from mold. Rather than die during the winter, most molds go dormant. As a result, even after peak season has passed, molds can continue to thrive until they are eliminated and the area is bleached. It can take several days for mold removal to become successful.

Mold may thrive all year in the southern states, but it will hibernate in subzero temperatures in the northern states. So, although “Mold Season” is a common term, it refers to a peak season rather than an individual season when mold is a concern.

When mold reactivates, it will look for hosts in plants that did not withstand the temperatures. This is why it is important to clean out your yard, drains, and pans after the winter.

At New England Restoration, we have experts in the diagnosis of the causes of damp and condensation, which can lead to mold, integrating a complete diagnostic process with a strategy for restorative action, as well as a method to remove the mold issue. In AnsoniaBranfordColebrookDanburyGuilfordKentMilfordOxford and nearby areas, you can rely on New England Restoration LLC’s 24-hour emergency service. Call at 844-570-0405 to know more about our service with free estimates!

Mold Season in Newtown, Southbury, Brookfield & Danbury CT

mold atmosphere

Mold season is the duration of the year when mold is most likely to develop due to factors such as location and atmosphere. Mold can grow at any time of year, but mold growth is most common during several months of the year. Mold growth occurs most often from early spring to mid-fall, with a peak in late summer.

During weather and temperature changes, such as snow thawing, fog, and humidity, keep an eye out for excess moisture on your farm.


Winter is a dormant season for mold, but that doesn't mean the hazard is absolutely gone. Mold does not die during the winter; rather, it "hibernates," especially in areas with extremely low temperatures. Mold growth can occur all year in areas with mild winters.

After the mold has been inactive for the winter, it may find hosts in wet areas or dead plants. To avoid this, get all mold cleaned and the areas where it has spread bleached.

Mold is a concern at any time of the year, but mold season is when the growth of mold is at its highest. From early spring to mid-fall, be on the lookout for mold damage.

Early Spring

After a long winter, dormant mold starts to emerge again in the spring. Spring is the toughest season for mold in regions where there is a lot of rain because "spring rains" provide a lot of moisture for mold to grow in.

In your house, look for stagnant water or unnecessary moisture in the attic, basement, crawlspace, walls, and doors. In your quest, keep an eye out for odd odors and rotting drywall. This may be signs of hidden water damage or mold.


Summer is the toughest season for mold in humid regions. The midwestern and southeastern regions are typically the most humid, and homeowners should be mindful of the high risk of mold formation. Since kitchens and bathrooms are vulnerable to humidity spikes as a result of the frequent use of hot water-powered appliances, these rooms are at the highest risk for mold formation.

Air conditioning systems lower humidity within the household, and the drained water is usually directed to a nearby drain. However, inadequate ventilation systems or units can allow this water to leak into crawl spaces or basements. It is critical to inspect these areas for moisture and remove it to avoid mold formation. When it is cold inside and humid outside, condensation occurs on windows and doors, so check and clean these areas regularly.

Mid – Fall

Mold slows down in the fall and starts to "hibernate" for the winter. Fall is the best time of year for mold removal because the mold goes dormant due to the cool weather, and homeowners don't have to think about mold growth caused by rain or humidity. However, begin to inspect your home for mold in mid-fall to prevent latent mold until winter.

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If you notice mold on your land at any time of year, contact a mold remediation firm right away. Our technicians are trained to remove mold from your property and repair mold-damaged objects and structures. It is preferable to hire mold remediation professionals to extract mold rather than attempting to do so yourself, particularly if you have mold-related allergies.

We also provides restoration services for water damage, fire damage, storm damagemold remediation and other unexpected disasters for homes and commercial properties. When you need our services, simply give us a call at 844-570-0405 or contact us online for more information.

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Not only did they show up at 11pm when my husband was away but they also continued that level of customer service throughout. It was so nice to have their expertise from mold and restoration to insurance to repair!

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