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Water Damage Content Drying in Newtown & Southbury, CT

Any water damage is a nuisance for the residents. No one would like to stand in a puddle of water or watch water stains on the walls or ceilings. The fact is, the situation can go beyond that and become more critical if the restoration is not done timely and properly. However, along with securing the structural parts the content drying is also necessary for a complete restoration.

Along with other restoration processes New England Restoration provides this service to its customers through expert technicians. If you are going through any post-water damage situation, feel free to contact our service team. We are available in the number 844-570-0405. You can also contact us online.

Why Is Content Drying Necessary?

While your structural parts can be secured from further damage, the carpet, furniture, and other similar things still remain at risk of being harmed if water is not extracted from them. it wouldn't be a surprise if that results in severe damage and takes a lot of money out of the property owner's pocket for repair. In the worst case, replacement might be required. Even if the scenario doesn't become that, there are still things that will make you suffer.

A place with moisture is breeding-friendly for the molds. It only takes 24 to 48 hours for the germination of the microorganism. Leaving the wetness in the content untreated makes it easy for the black dots to grow and take over the beauty of the walls and ceiling. The spores will also degrade the quality of indoor air drastically along with dampness and a musty odor. As a result, the residents especially children, elderly people, and people with allergic reactions will be the victims of that. This is why content drying is an unavoidable part of the restoration process.

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Other Restoration Processes by Us

Damage inspection: For an effective restoration it's crucial to know exactly at which point the water damage is occurred. By that, it becomes possible to determine the extent of the damage. Thus, the restoration team can begin with their work for recovery through restoration. It also reduces complications and helps avoid risks that may occur at the time of going through other restoration processes.

Classification: How much amount the water is exiting and how deep it has reached are important information to know the conditions of the water damage. There are 4 classes regarding assessing these conditions. Class one means the damage level is at a minimum level. Class two indicates that there is damage to the carpets and cushions. When the water has soaked the furniture and wall, it's class 3. In the class 4 stage, water has already affected the plaster, floors, and concrete.

Categorization: Categorization is essential to know the quality of the water that is in contact with the structure and home appliances after water damage. It also indicates how much health risk is there if restoration is not done properly and timely. The three categories are clean water, grey water, and black water. From first to third the water is the least risky, significantly but contaminated, and contaminated with harmful elements respectively.

Besides these three steps, we also work on estimating, water extraction, content drying, and reconstruction.

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As a restoration company, we have decades of experience since 1986 in the industry. Whether it's residential or commercial premises you can rely on the IICRC-certified company to recover the integrity of your home by quality restoration. If you are a resident of New HavenDanburyBridgeportStamford, and other service areas, our 24-hour emergency services are only a phone call away from you. We also help our customers with insurance assistance. Check out our different water damage restoration services for water pipe breaks, flood damage, roof leaks, etc. which are available at an affordable price.

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When water damage breaks out, the first and foremost action of the property owner is to go for the restoration. Because there's no alternative way to avoid that. So, it will be wise to contact a nearby expert to recover your peace of mind with the comfort, safety, and value of your home. Dial 844-570-0405 to set an appointment with us. You can also reach us online.

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